DogOvation Dog Training

DogOvation Training: Teaching People to Teach Their Dogs


DogOvation Dog training in Marin uses highly effective dog training methods to build a relationship between you and your dog. Have a happy, calm dog you can take anywhere, anytime.

From basic obedience to problem behaviors, we work with all types of dogs and their people. DogOvation Dog Training helps you solve:


I work with all breeds: From Pit Bulls to Rottweiler to Labradors to Doodles to Golden Retrievers to Chihuahuas to Aussies to Yorkies to Mixed Breeds and everything in between.

I provide private, individualized training in your home tailored to your needs.


What are your training goals? 

* Do you want a dog you can take to the office or with you shopping?

* One you can sit with at a cafe peacefully while other dogs pass by?

* A dog that can be around children and not jump and chase?

We begin training in your home and will then progress to where you want to go – crowded streets, trails, dog parks, office settings, malls– wherever you are experiencing the most difficulties with your dog and wherever you want to go. I set up goals with you during our initial assessment and work with you until your goals are completed for one flat rate.

And I will continue training support for the life for your dog.

 All included in the same flat rate.


DogOvation Training: Teaching People to Teach Their Dogs


Supporting relationships for a lifetime.